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Investigator Livia Wick
In 2009, the Neighborhood Initiative and a research team* from across AUB began planning a household survey to address questions that many residents themselves had: what kinds of households live in R ...
Sociology & Anthropology 22 Jun 2018
Investigator Nazir Hawi
The research objectives are as follows: 1- To estimate to what extent Lebanese children are being exposed to screen devices 2- To understand the impact of screen devices on young children through th ...
Sociology & Anthropology 27 May 2018
Investigator Ray Jureidini
.Analysis of various aspects of labor migration including recruitment
Sociology & Anthropology 1 Mar 2020
Investigator Hala Abou Zaki
As part of the LAJEH project, I will work on Palestinian refugee’s families from Shatila camp who have been scattered across Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Gaza during the 1970s and the 1990s and mo ...
Sociology & Anthropology 28 May 2018