Kamel Dorai


Kamel Doraï is a researcher at the CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research) currently based at IFPO (Beirut, Lebanon) and research associate at MIGRINTER, University of Poitiers (France). His work focuses mainly on asylum and refugees in the Middle East. He is currently conducting research on Syrian and Palestinian refugees from Syria in Jordan and Lebanon as well as on the urbanization process of refugee camps. He focuses also on the analysis of refugees' migratory experience and their spatial practices in exile in relation with their urban environment.



Time of conflicts /Time of Migration: Reflections on the Categories and Genealogy of Migration in the Middle East

The aim of LAJEH (refugee in Arabic) is to deepen knowledge on forced migration in the Middle East, analysing current refugee flows in their historical and regional contexts. Through a cross-disciplinary and empirically-driven approach, it analyses the implications of forced migrations on the host c ..