Rayan Haddad

Political Science

Rayan Haddad holds a PHD in International Relations from Sciences Po Paris (2007). He is a member of the Cercle des Chercheurs sur le Moyen-Orient (Paris) whose own main research interests lie in studying the importation of exogenous conflicts into the Lebanese arena.



Lebanon: A spillover to be?

This article (published in Orient: German Journal for Politics, Economics and Culture of the Middle East) examines how the post-Mosul battle momentum has hastened the decision of Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army to – successively and respectively – clear Hay’at Tahrir alSham (a former Al Qaeda-affili ..


Shifting from consensus on Iraq to agonistic struggle over Syria: Lebanon challenging the encompassing sectarian divide narrative

Readings of Middle East unrest based on the sectarian strife narrative do not provide strong heuristic guidance, as sectarian dynamics need to be politically contextualized, rather than considered as overarching explanatory principles. A scrutiny of major regional crises, perceived through Lebanese ..


Al Qaïda / Hezbollah : la concurrence à distance entre deux logiques d’action jihadistes différentes pour la captation des cœurs et des esprits de l’Umma

The aim of this article (published in Cultures et Conflits in 2007) is to illustrate, through a transversal examination of the diverging interpretations of the 9/11 bombings, as well as of the Afghan, Iraqi, Palestinian and Lebanese crises, the “ideological competition” between Hizbullah and Al Qaed ..