Dr. Rima Karami


Rima Karami Akkary is an Associate professor of Educational Administration, Policy and Leadership in the Department of Education at the American University in Beirut, and the program advisor for the Educational Management and Leadership program. She holds a Bachelor in Science, Diploma for teaching science at the secondary level, and Master of Arts in Science Education from the American University of Beirut (AUB), and a Doctorate in Education from Portland State University with a specialty in [K-12] Educational Administration and Supervision with a focus on school principalship, organizational change and educational policy. She is a co-principal investigator and leads the professional development activities in the TAMAM project- a joint project of the Arab Thought Foundation and the American University of Beirut to initiate and research school based reform in 26 schools around Lebanon, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, and Qatar. In addition she has designed and conducted many professional development activities for school principals and supervisors, both independently and as part of large scale reform initiatives. She has published in international and local journals on the principal role, approaches to professional development, program and organizational level evaluation, and models for school-based reform.



TAMAM Project

TAMAM is a project that combines research with development to bring about and support school based initiatives for sustainable school improvement. It aims to build a home-grown theoretical understanding of effective and sustainable school reform that improves students’ learning and is grounded in ..