Shaping research for health in the Arab World: A systems and network approach to advance knowledge, ..

This initiative at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) aimed to strengthen systems and institutions for research and education in public health and facilitate opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration on critical health issues across institutional and geographical boundaries in the MENA reg ..


Neurotoxic effects of solvents on working children

Significant neuroanatomical and neuromaturation changes take place during adolescence and are reflected n the maturation of abstract reasoning, affect, and cognition. Hence, exposure of millions of adolescent working children in developing countries to solvents might affect their cognitive and behav ..


Understanding Water, Understanding Health: The case of Bebnine

In the town of Bebnine (population approximately 16,000) in northern Lebanon, a team of researchers from the American University of Beirut and local residents worked together on a community-based research project that used an ecosystem approach to better understand the links between people, water, a ..