Health Research System in Constrained-Resource Settings: The Case of Palestine

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The Status of Health Research Systems in fragile settings: Palestine Experience

Health Research System (HRS) is the bedrock of health systems, to improve the population health and responsiveness and equity, and use the knowledge towards a sustainable development. Based on the term 10/90 gap, particularly in developing countries, Palestine HRS has a remarkable case; due to an unstable environment. The study seeks to realize PHRS by investigating its governance and policy, stakeholder, challenges and conclude best recommendations for system development.

The study conducted in Palestine, from January to July 2016. A contemporary observational situation analysis design was used by qualitative methods. The institutions from three sectors were targeted; academic public health faculties, MoH units and NGOs and international agencies. Policy makers, academicians, researchers, and representatives were selected purposively, through peer-review; some of the participants invited for eighteen in-depth interviews (IDI), the rest for three sectorial focus group discussions (FGDs), with literature and documents review. Data were analyzed thematically using manual matrices analysis, Word, and Excel programs.

Despite unstable circumstances, PHRS is promising. Eleven academic institutions and nearly forty local private, NGOs and international agencies, are remarkably producing health research, but probably without regulated national policies. Governance is not well-organized in managing HRS functions, which its activities are most likely scattered and institutionally or individually driven. The financing is significantly very timid, it does not essentially itemize in budgets. Three main HRS stakeholders involved; academic faculties as a producer, private, NGOs, and international agencies as a producer or funder simultaneously, and MoH as a user or MoF as a funder. The international agencies role is inconspicuous although of some successful initiatives. Interestingly, the environmental factors were the most significant gaps, mostly political, as well as the system shortcomings. The human resources and facilities are scarce with poor incentives. PHRS priorities are inconsistent and efforts are uncoordinated with poor multidisciplinarity. Dissemination and research application are questionable. Health research culture is not sufficiently-promoted, and the commitment is not politically-endorsed. The study generated best strategies to strengthen PHRS synergistically.

Palestine as many neighbor countries is a fertile place for health research; it could become a successful model regionally, despite the conflict. Palestinian HRS is nascent with uncertain structure and inactive organizing body, even political commitment support. PHRS actions do not reach the hoped level yet. Sectorial intervention should be taken, through reactivating a unified representative body and national HRS policy cooperatively, to be regulated appropriately, bridging the gaps and affording resources adequately, and to produce and utilize the research effectively. HRSs in hectic settings functioning below its obtainable potentials, it cannot be effectively operated without political stability and good governance, whereas most of the region’s governments do not consider HRS in their country’s systems structure, as a high priority.

الباحثون الرئيسيون

الاسم الأول اسم العائلة الجنس الرتبة المؤسسة الدولة
Mohammed AlKhaldi Male باحث سويسرا

- Herbergagasse 15, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
- Marital status: Married
- Nationality: Palestinian
- D.O.B: 6th August 1983
- Contact (primary): [email protected]
(Secondary): [email protected]
Cellular (Pal) +070599330927, (Swiss) +41762885744
LinkedIn: Mohammed Khaldi Skype: moh.khaldi
• Ph.D. candidate in Health Policies and Research Systems at University of Basel, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), 2014-2018, Switzerland, thesis title “The Palestinian Health Research System: moving forward”
• Master Public Health MPH, Health Policy and Management, Al-Quds University, 2012. Dissertation title “The international fund in the Palestinian health sector”
• Bachelor Degree in Nursing Management, the Islamic University of Gaza IUG, 2006.
• Diploma Degree in General Nursing, the Islamic University of Gaza IUG, 2003.
Areas of research interests and expertise
Health system, health research system, social and health policy, health research for development, the international fund in health sector, externally-donated programs, NGO sector, humanitarian and development projects, M&E, and health and socio-economic and politic determinants
Professional Experience
• The municipality of Bureij, (Logistics & Enviro. Healthy Supervisor), October 2003 to September 2004.
• Central Elections Commission, (Team leader), for one month 2005.
• Al-Naser Psychiatric Hospital, Al-shifa Medical Complex, Al-Dorra Pediatric Hospital (Clinical Instructor) for eight months, 2005.
• Al-Bureij Rehabilitation Society (Community Health Officer) Handicapped Children project, March 2005 to April 2006.
• Nuseirat Health Center-UNRWA, (Community Health Officer), July to December 2006.
• Palestinian Ministry of Health, (Health researcher), September 2006 to December 2014.
• Community Services without Borders, (Health Project Manager), January to July 2006.
• CIVITAS Institute for Civil Society Studies, (Management Skills Trainer-capacity building project), July 2007 to August 2008.
• Palestinian Red Crescent Society in collaboration with ICRC, (Emergency Team Field Coordinator), during the last three wars on Gaza Strip 2008, 2011 and 2012.
• Al-Azhar University-Gaza, College of health professions, (Lecturer), Sep. 2008 to April 2009.
• The Union of Health Work Committees-UHWC, (Project Officer-Psycho-social, Education/Health) from July to November 2009.
• Merlin International-UK, (Health Educator, Need Assessment and SPSS Data Entry and Analysis), January to July 2010.
• Life-Source Organization, (Gaza Office Representative as a volunteer) from 2010 to 2011.
• Union of Health Work Committee-UHWC, (Evaluation Team Member), evaluate UHWC by using Balance Scorecard BSC Technique), 2011.
• Researcher Assistant (doc. dissertation in an elderly situation in the Gaza, [focus group facilitator] 2011.
• Al-Zaiytona College of Sciences and Development, (Faculty member), 2012 to 2015, Part-time.
• The University of Palestine-UP, College of health professions, (Lecturer), 2012 to 2014, Part-time.
• Mercy Association for Children, (Health Coordinator), May to November 2012.
• Medical Center for Senses Rehabilitation, (Health and Management Trainer), 2012 to 2013.
• Pal-think Center for Strategic Studies, (Researcher-part time), 2012 to 2015.
• Youth Forum for Tolerance and Unity affiliated with Pal-think Center for Strategic Studies (Initiatives Coordinator), September 2012 to present.
• The Islamic University of Gaza IUG, Faculty of Nursing, (Researcher) 2012 to 2015.
• Association of Al-Bureij for Disability and Rehabilitation, (Health consultant), May 2012 to present.
• Universal Studies Academy, Gaza Branch (Trainer), January 2013 to present.
• Hope and Life Association, (Facilitator and Trainer in Social Accountability in Local Governance project activities), March 2013 to 2014.
• Effects Company for Consultations and Development, (Health and Development Consultant), part-time, October 2013 to present.
• Brazilian Association for Development and Relief BADR, (Consultant and board of directors member), from 2013 to present.
• The Palestinian Evaluation Association PEA, (M&E expert and member), from 2013 to present.
• Alami for Consultations and Development, (Health and development consultant), 2015 to present.
• WHO in collaboration with Roll Back Malaria Partnership, Technical consultation for the Arabic version of Global strategy on “Action and Investment to Defeat Malaria 2016-2030”, published 2015.
• Swiss TPH, Ph.D. Principal Investigator, Health research system, and policy, 2014-2018.

Training & Curriculum Courses
• Human Rights and Democracy, Palestinian Institute for Youth Policymaking PIYP in partnering with Palestinian Center for Human Rights, 2013.
• Government budget formulation, Palestinian Institute for Youth Policymaking PIYP, 2013.
• Social accountability in the local governance, Life and Hope Ass. and GIZ, 2013.
• Youth and Policy Formulation, Palestinian Institute for Youth and Policy Making, 2013.
• IELTS preparation course, IUG, 2012.
• Evaluation and monitoring training course, IUG, 2012.
• The International Humanitarian Law, Al-Azhar University- Gaza, 2011.
• Disasters & Crisis Management, Palestinian Medical Relief Society PMRS, 2011.
• Courses in Quality Management, Planning & Strategic Management, Health Information Management, Financial Management, Research Methodology, Public Health Issues, Epidemiology, Demography, Occupational and Environment Health, Organizational Behavior O.B, Health Care System HCS, Human Resources Management HRM, and Mother-Child Health MCH. Al Quds University, 2010-2011.
• Academic Writing Course, Al-Quds University, 2011.
• Preparation Active Projects Coordinators, IUG, 2010.
• Blood Donation Issues training course, Community Based-Participation, mobilization and CBOs course, Merlin International-UK, 2010.
• Quality Management, Writing Reports, and Advanced Excel, IUG, 2009.
• Projects Cycle Management P.C.M, IUG, 2009.
• IN'TL Computer Driving License ICDL, IUG, 2008.
• Preparation Computer and Paper TOEFL Course, IUG, 2008.
• Democracy and Human Rights Course, IUG, 2007.
• Surveys and Questionnaires Construction, Polling, Data Collection and Processing Course, CIVITAS Institute, 2007.
• Gender Equality and Women Empowerment Workshop, CIVITAS Institute, 2007.
• Training of Trainer's T.O.T and Capacity Building Course, CIVITAS Institute, 2007.
• Intermediate and Advance English Level Courses, IUG, 2006.
• Mental Health and Psychology Course, IUG, 2006.
• Training of Nurses, Paramedic in Emergency Medical Services, Medical Charitable Center funded by ECHO for one month 2005.
• Cultural epidemiology, epidemiological methods, health financing and economic evaluation, health systems, interdisciplinary research in epidemiology, and key issues in international and public health, Swiss TPH, 2014-2015, Switzerland.
• Social sciences research methods in public health, SSPH+, 2014, Switzerland.
• Academic writing conventions and style to be published, University of Basel, 2014, Switzerland.
• From Evidence to Implementation and Evaluation in Public Health, SSPH+, 2014, Switzerland.
• Summer school in Public health policy, economic and management, “Bridging the Gap between Evidence and Policy-making”, “Health financing policies, health system performance and obstacles to universal health coverage”, University of Lugano, 2015, Switzerland.
• “Recognizing, assessing and documenting your skills as a doctoral candidate in health sciences”, University of Basel, PPHS, Nov. 2015, Switzerland.
• “Qualitative health research: advanced module”, University of Basel and Swiss TPH, Feb. 2017, Switzerland.
• “Essential in health research methodology”, University of Basel, PPHS, Feb. 2017, Switzerland.
• “Analyzing health systems and health systems performance”, International doctoral course, University of Lucerne, PPHS, May 2017, Switzerland.
• Ph.D. Summer school on “Research on sustainability development”, University of Basel, July 2017, Switzerland.
Scientific Workshops & Conferences
• "Instructional design process and teaching methods", IUG, 2006, Palestine.
• "Referral protocols of critical emergency case workshop", MOH, 2007, Palestine.
• "The Nursing between Theory and Practice Conf.", IUG, 2007, Palestine.
• "Psychological Support Workshop", IUG, 2008, Palestine.
• "Surveys Construction & Collection Data Workshop", Merlin Int.-UK, 2010, Palestine.
• "Teaching children according to mental abilities", The Int. Academy for Specialized Studies IASS, 2010, Palestine.
• "Strategic Planning Workshop", Life Source Organization, 2010, Palestine.
• "Model United Nations MUN-Palestine Int. Conf.", September 2012, Palestine
• "The Second Int. Conf. on Basic & Applied Sciences (ICBAS2)", Al-Azhar University, 9-11 Oct. 2012, Palestine.
• "The Int. Conf.: Law and Development in Palestine: Reality Challenges and Prospects for the Future", Al-Azhar University, November 2012, Palestine.
• "Arab Forum for Training and Development", Universal Studies Academy, 22 February 2013, Palestine.
• "The Scientific Research Priorities: Toward National Manual", IUG, 26-27 March 2013. Palestine.
• "Social Accountability in the Local Governance", Life and Hope Association (LHA) and Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), held in May 2013, Palestine.
• "Methods of fundraising for small enterprises workshop", University College of Applied Sciences UCAS- Job Advisory Center JAC, 24 April 2013, Palestine.
• "The Conf. of Graduate Studies between Reality and Development Prospects" 30 April 2013, IUG, Palestine.
• "The International Conference of Injured Palestinians: Challenges and Prospects", 25-26 September 2013, Palestine.
• "Your Free Ideas Projected-YFIP" Youth Congress, EURAS, 1-7 October 2013, Istanbul, Turkey.
• "The First Forum of Social Accountability", Life and Hope Association (LHA) and Deutsche Gesellschaft Fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), 2 October 2013, Palestine.
• "Evidence-Based Health Care EBHC in Health Education and Clinical Practice Conference", IUG in collaborating with OXFORD University, 26 Oct. 2013, Palestine.
• Study day on "The International Scientific and Participatory publishing", IUG, 28 Oct. 2013, Palestine.
• Discussion table on "The Education Status in the Gaza Strip" through the Right in Education Campaign, Birzeit University, 12 Nov. 2013. Palestine.
• "The Fifth International Conference for Science and Development", 19-20 November 2013, IUG, Palestine.
• "FIKR12 Conference on Enabling Job Creation in the Arab World", Arab Thought Foundation, 4-5 December 2013, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
• "The International Conference on Quality in Higher Education ICQH", 12-14 December 2013, Sakarya University, Turkey.
• Capacity Building Workshop in "EndNote Skills Training, and Abstract Writing, Proposal Writing", Institute of Community and Public Health Birzeit University, March 29, 2014. Palestine.
• "The Fifth Int. Conf. for Science and Development", 25-26 February 2014, IUG, Palestine.
• "The Fourth Arab Conference for Higher Education in Arab Universities: Prospects and Challenges", held in Egypt, 18-20 February 2014, Arab Administration Development Organization.
• "The First International Health Services Research: Evidence-based Practice Conference", taking place at King's College London, 1-3 July 2014. London.
• Symposium on “Experiences with Online Teaching Tools in Public Health”, 30 Oct. 2014, Bern, Switzerland.
• Novartis Foundation Symp. on “Sustainable Healthcare Intervention”, 21 Nov. 2014, Switzerland.
• “15th International Conference on Integrated Care”, 25-27 March 2015, Edinburg, Scotland.
• “Personalized Medicine: The Public Health Perspective”, Swiss TPH, Dec. 2014, Switzerland.
• “The international Conference in Nursing and Midwifery”, March 2015, Palestine.
• Spring Symposium “Community Participation in Public Health: What’s the Added Value in Research and Implementation?”, Swiss TPH, April 2015, Switzerland.
• Seminar on “Transitions in global health finance: who's paying?”, May 2015. Switzerland.
• Seminar on “Climate Change, health and vulnerability: epidemiologic evidence and challenges for policy evaluation”, McGill University and Swiss TPH, July 2015, Switzerland.
• 9th European Congress on Tropical Medicine & International Health, Swiss TPH, Sep. 2015, Switzerland.
• 7th European Public Health Conference, European Public Health Association, Oct. 2015, Italy.
• “The Seventh Annual Conference of the Lancet Palestinian Health Alliance (LPHA), Health of Palestinians”, 15-16 March 2016, Jordan.
• Poster presenter at “5th Swiss Symposium on Health Services Research 2017”, The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), 1st March, Bern, Switzerland.
• Discussion meeting at “2017 Annual CUGH Global Health Conference”, Consortium of Universities for Global Health, 6-9 April 2017, Washington DC, USA.
• Presenter at “The MAXQDA International Conference MQIC 2017”, 1-3 March 2017, Berlin, Germany.
• Presenter at “The Eighth Annual Conference of the Lancet Palestinian Health Alliance (LPHA), Health of Palestinians”, 15-16 March 2017 Birzeit University, Palestine.
• Participation in “Evidence Meets Decisions Makers - Better Use of Evidence for Better Health”, 6 April 2017, Basel, Switzerland.
• Presenter at “The 15th International Conference on Nursing & Midwifery (ICNM)”, 24-25 June 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Studies and Publications
• Al-Khaldi, M. (2009). "Training Management for Health Workers-Nurses Staff Performance and Competence, Al-Shifa Medical Complex case". MOH bulletin, 2009.
• Al-Khaldi, M. (2009). "Management Policy and protocol of NCDs programs in Palestine". Al-Quds University, Palestine.
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• Al-Khaldi, M. (2010). "Sustainability of Externally Donated Projects in Palestine". Aid policy and Development Journal, Palestine.
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• Al-Khaldi, M., and Aljeesh, Y. (2013). "Embedding health research findings into the policy-making process: academicians and policy maker’s perspective, Palestine". Bio-Med Central Public Health Journal, MS: 7935818901103376.
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• Al-Khaldi, M. and Aljeesh, Y. (2013). "Developing Scientific Research Curricula in Health Faculties of the Palestinians Universities, Palestine". Published in the Scientific Research Priorities Conf. Handbook, IUG, Palestine, March 2013.
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• Al-Khaldi, M. (2017). Healthcare Access in the Middle East Region: Palestine case, working paper presented to “International Forum for the Right to Health and Access to Therapies” Saturday 4th of November, 2017, Milan. (Invited Guest)
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Forthcoming publications:
Ph.D. project on “The Palestinian Health Research System HRS: Moving Forward”, five papers will be published in 2018.
• 1st paper, “Understanding the HRS of the Palestinian policymakers and experts”. (released soon at BMC, Journal of Health Research Policy and Systems)
• 2nd Paper, “Satisfaction of Palestinian policymakers and experts on HRS performance”. (under review at BMC, Journal of Health Research Policy and Systems)
• 3rd paper, “Mapping Palestinian HRS related to governance, policy, and priorities”, (under review at BMC, Journal of Health Research Policy and Systems)
• 4th paper, “Palestinian HRS stakeholder’s analysis and the status system capacities”, (Submitted soon).
• 5th paper, “National HRSs challenges and prospects in the Middle East region: a comparative analysis”, (expected to be published June 2018).

Awards and Prizes
• Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists for the 2014–2015 Academic Year, Ph.D.. program.
• Winning the 3rd best poster award through 5th Symposium on Health Services Research, 2017 for research project “Challenges and Prospects of Health Research System (HRS) in conflict areas: Palestine experience”. Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), Bern, Switzerland.
Professional and committee membership
• Nursing Syndicate, 2004, Palestine.
• Al-Bureij Association for Disability and Rehabilitation, 2007, Palestine.
• Future Society for Development and Environment, 2010, Palestine.
• Member of Life Source Organization, 2010, Palestine.
• Public Health Association and Forum, 2011, Palestine.
• Pal-think Center for Strategic Studies, 2012, Palestine.
• The Palestinian Institute of Youth and Policy-making (PIYP), 2013, Palestine.
• The Board of International Trainers in America (BITA), 2013, USA.
• Universal Studies Academy, Palestine, 2013.
• The Palestinian Evaluation Association (PEA), 2013, Palestine.
• Pal-Think Youth Dialogue Platform (PYDP), 2013, Palestine.
• Brazilian Association for Development and Relief BADR, BODs member, 2014, Palestine.
• Terri Des Hommes-TDH, Basel Canton volunteer group, 2014, Switzerland.
• The subkult organization, team member, 2015, Lucerne, Switzerland.
• Council on Health Research for Development COHRED, 2015, Associate, Geneva, Switzerland.
• A consortium of Universities for Global Health CUGH, 2017, Washington, USA.

Electronics, Media & Computer Literacy
• Office-Package (ICDL), Internet, Outlook, Typing, and Advanced Excel.
• SPSS Package, and data entry, management, and analysis.
• MAXADL (professional).
• STATA, GIS, GPS, and Google Earth (Basic).
• Smart draw, BP Charter Program, and Office electronics machines.
Personality skills
• Write professionally eight types of Arabic handwriting.
• Leadership and managerial skills (teaming, coordination, supervision, M&E, planning, negotiation, time/conflict management, Interpersonal communication, cooperation, collaborative, work under pressure and work within multidisciplinary tasks.
• Active, appearance, initiative and high ambitious.
• Writings and articles, policy papers, research, evaluations, studies, and projects proposals.
• Lecturing, instruction, facilitation and training capabilities.
• Arabic: mother tongue, English: excellent
• Marcel Tanner, Professor, Epidemiologist, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, Basel, Switzerland, [email protected] , Phone: +41 61 284 82 87.
• Yahia Abed, Professor and Health Consultant, Al-Quds University, Palestine, and International Medical Corps-IMC, funded by USAID, contact: [email protected] , Mobile: +972 599404344 or +972 599997633.
• Yousef Al-Jeesh, Professor, WHO consultant, IUG, contact: [email protected] , Mobil: +972 599758858.
• Irene Anne Jillson, Associate Professor, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., contact: [email protected] , [email protected] , Telephone: (202) 687-1312
• Bassam Hamad, Associate Professor, Al-Quds University, Palestine, and senior consultant in health and development, DFID-UK, Palestine, [email protected], Mobil: +972 599351515.
• Omar Shaban, Director, Pal-think Center for Strategic Studies, Palestine, contact: [email protected] , Mobile: +972 599402522.
• Jasem Humaid, Psychosocial National Program Manager -Mercy Corps INGO, contact: [email protected] , Mobile: +972 599604249.

Marcel Tannir Female سويسرا

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Yehia Abed Female جامعة القدس فلسطين

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