Education of Refugee Children

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The CLS is researching the quality of education provided to Syrian and Palestinian children and the impact that hosting such large numbers is having on the quality of education for Lebanese children for the hosting country. Our research is informing the policies of governments and NGOs in this area of critical importance to the future of Lebanon.


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Maha Shuayb Female Associate Professor Center for Lebanese Studies Lebanon

Bio: Maha Shuayb has been the director of the Centre for Lebanese Studies since 2012. Prior to that she was a Senior Fellow at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford. Maha has a PhD in education and an MPhil in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge. Maha also teaches part-time at the Lebanese American University. She was a visiting scholar at various universities including University of Cambridge and the American University of Beirut. Maha’s research focuses on the sociology and politics of education particularly equity and equality in education and the implications of the politicization of education particularly on marginalized groups. Over the past five year, Maha has been occupied with the education response to the Syrian Refugee crisis in Lebanon. She has headed a number of research studies looking at access and quality of education for refugees and the bottlenecks. Her most recent studies include a comparative study between Lebanon and Germany which examines the education provisions for refugees in the two countries. She is currently working on producing a book on this subject. Maha has numerous publications including an edited book on education and social cohesion and various articles. She is also a co-editor of Journal of Current Sociology.



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