Governing the Gas Sector: Averting the Resource Curse in Lebanon

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Governing the Gas Sector: Averting the Resource Curse in Lebanon

A project aimed at providing a roadmap for institutional and policy reform in order to inform and influence policy debate on gas. The project identifies the three main challenges of gas development, namely the territorial water dispute with Israel, managing the extraction process of the gas through the appropriate mechanisms, and the management of the gas revenue, and additionally intends to propose several solutions.

Expected outcomes: a series of policy papers that will be compiled in a book, a series of short policy briefs that are aimed to communicate the policy ideas succinctly to policy makers in both Arabic and English, working group reports that synthesize the ideas discussed in the group, and a webpage on the LCPS website that will function as a resource hub of collected information on gas in Lebanon.


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Leila Dagher Male American University of Beirut Lebanon




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