Partnership in Production Opportunities Within the ESCWA Region

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The paper reflected on the Turkish and Malaysian growth strategies in their upward development paths to develop the Turkish textiles and apparel sector and the Malaysian rubber sector and link them to global value chains enabling them to assert their global presence. It also touched upon the Chinese policy of identifying itself as the cheap rent for innovative outsourcing capabilities worldwide based on its array of socio-technological resources. As a consequence, the report calls for the region to adopt a similar marketing policy to promote the region as the best rent for energy and resource dependent outsourcing solutions, specifically, agro-solutions. Surely, the report proves the loss of value-added opportunities in the value-chain ad urges to invest more in downstream agro-industries as opposed to a classic export of fertilizer raw material (especially phosphate), ad eve basic fertilizer in general.
Governments play a large role in leading economic collaboration initiatives between Arab countries in order for the region to play a pivotal role in the GVC. Governments are urged to explore the "co-opetition" model in more detail in order to invigorate development of the sector and approach the parties poised to participate in a regional goal on the bases of competition and cooperation principles. Again, the report stresses on the importance of logistics and updated transportation channels to achieve efficiency in production integration in the region. Ultimately, a review of the regional business climate should be completed in order to attract more investments in the region and hence, more access to new technology and global network channels. In conclusion, the region should think globally in terms of building sectorial clusters, endorsing linkages, ICT and governance issues and attract multinational companies that are striving to distribute sharedvalue in partner countries.


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