Karma Hassan


Associate Professor of Educational Psychology Measurement and Evaluation at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon, and Director of the Office of Institutional Research & Assessment (OIRA) at the University. Has extensive experience in teaching, undergraduate and graduate courses, training, and research in area of expertise. Has conducted and supervised research in test development/adaptation, validation, and use. As Director of OIRA, engaged in institutional assessment, development of annual assessment plans, and preparations for accreditation, program, and peer review in higher education. Participated and presented in local, regional, and international conferences on modern assessment, assessment in higher education, criterion of quality, conditions for student success, quality of student life, and language policies. Has published in international and regional journals and books in areas of expertise. A member of local, regional, and international organizations involved with educational research, assessment, and quality, as well as the Basic Education Strategic Planning Committee, the National Task Force for Governance in Higher Education in Lebanon. and the R4R Research Project. As UNESCO Consultant since 2007, has prepared several country and regional reports and conducted assessment studies.



Benchmarking Tools for Good Governance in Arab Universities

Benchmarking has become an invaluable tool for institutional reform in Arab universities. Benchmarking is in fact viewed as an important instrument in transforming Arab universities to become an efficient and effective device in fulfilling Arab aspirations especially producing employable graduates a ..


The Effect of Brain Compatible Strategies on Problem Solving Performance of Grade 4 and 5 Lebanese Students

This study investigated the effect of training in Prior Knowledge Activation, Concept Mapping, and Think Aloud, on students’ problem solving performance. The relative effectiveness of the training among high and low achievers was also examined. Participants were 45 students in Grades 4 and 5 in two ..


Testing practices and attitudes towards tests and testing: An international survey

A shared goal of the International Test Commission (ITC) and the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) Board of Assessment is the improvement of tests and testing practices. In order to reach this goal, ITC and EFPA carry out various actions and projects, some of which are descri ..


The Impact of Dysfunctional Career Thoughts, Parental Attachment Bonds and Career Exploration on Grade Eleven Students' Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy

The transition of secondary students to higher education is a process that entails effective career decision-making skills (Krass & Hughey, 1999). Career decision making self-efficacy, or an individual‟ belief about his ability to perform tasks related to the career decision-making process (Taylor & ..


Investigating Conditions for Student Success at an American University in the Middle East

It is of great significance to an institution of higher education to meet its goals and to establish its institutional effectiveness and that it has a framework for discussing its institutional performance results, accordingly this study aims to investigate a) the conditions for student success at t ..


Implementation of the Social Decision-Making Skills Curriculum on primary students (Grades 1–3) in Lebanon

This study investigated the effect of the Social Decision-Making Skills Curriculum (SDSC) on the emotional intelligence and the prosocial behaviors of primary students in Grades 1–3, in a private school in Lebanon. Students were trained in social problem solving and social decision-making skills thr ..


Investigating substantive and consequential validity of student ratings of instruction

This study aimed at exploring faculty and student perspectives on student evaluations, as well as identifying their perceptions of the usefulness and appropriateness of the ratings for evaluating teaching effectiveness. More specifically, the study aimed at identifying the consequences, both intende ..