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Investigator Mai Aboul-dahab
Architecture and design 18 Jan 2023
Investigator Yara Saifi
Health and Kindergartens: Reflection on the building laws and regulations in East Jerusalem under the pretext of establishing public facilities
Architecture and design 18 Jan 2023
Investigator Sharifa Alshalfan
This research project addressed the process of urbanisation in Kuwait post-oil discovery through exploring changes in ways of life in Kuwaiti society and relating them to the physical spaces in which ...
Architecture and design 15 Sep 2018
Investigator Ayham Dalal
This project looks at the social structuring of space in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world, Zaatari in Jordan. It examines these processes on two levels: macro and micro. On the macro scal ...
Architecture and design 22 Mar 2018