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Investigator ريان حداد
Readings of Middle East unrest based on the sectarian strife narrative do not provide strong heuristic guidance, as sectarian dynamics need to be politically contextualized, rather than considered as ...
Political Science 14 May 2018
Investigator ريان حداد
This article (published in Orient: German Journal for Politics, Economics and Culture of the Middle East) examines how the post-Mosul battle momentum has hastened the decision of Hezbollah and the Leb ...
Political Science 10 May 2018
Investigator واثق صادق
ان ما يدعو الى دراسة موضوعها الحياة اليومية في العراق هو الخصوصية التي يتمتع بها المجتمع العراقي الذي خاض عبر مراحل تاريخية متعددة الكثير من الازمات والارهاصات التي جعلت منه مجتمعاً سريع التغيّر والتش ...
Sociology & Anthropology 20 Apr 2018
Over 5 million refugees have sought safety across Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey from the on-going Syrian conflict, with local communities, civil society groups, established refugee communities, and faith ...
Geography 2 Mar 2018