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Investigator احمد اسعد
لقد بين المؤلف في المقدمة ماهية الجديد في الكتاب؛ فالكتاب يقدم رواية عن حرب 1948 وتداعياتها من وجهة نظر المهزومين الذين لم يسمع صوتهم في احداث النكبة. ويقدم الكتاب قراءة نقدية تحليلة مركبة بدلًا من ا ...
History 4 Jun 2018
Investigator Ayham Dalal
This project looks at the social structuring of space in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world, Zaatari in Jordan. It examines these processes on two levels: macro and micro. On the macro scal ...
Architecture and design 22 Mar 2018
Over 5 million refugees have sought safety across Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey from the on-going Syrian conflict, with local communities, civil society groups, established refugee communities, and faith ...
Geography 2 Mar 2018
Investigator Kamel Dorai
The aim of LAJEH (refugee in Arabic) is to deepen knowledge on forced migration in the Middle East, analysing current refugee flows in their historical and regional contexts. Through a cross-disciplin ...
Geography 11 Jun 2019