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Investigator Nasser Yassin
Contemporary political volatility within the Middle East region has led to far reaching socio-economic upheaval and strife with a devastating impact generating mass displacement of Iraqi, Palestinian, ...
Sociology & Anthropology 17 Jan 2020
Investigator Sawsan Abdulrahim
Background In addition to its well-known negative health outcomes, early marriage (EM) places adolescent girls on a poor education and social trajectory. Limited evidence exists as to whether EM in ...
Public Health 17 Jan 2020
Investigator Abla Sibai
The Syrian Civil War has created one of the worst humanitarian crises in history. Around 5 million Syrians have fled their country to escape the prolonged horror and violence of the conflict and more ...
Public Health 16 Jan 2020
Investigator Rima Habib
In late 2015, the Child Labor Unit at the Lebanese Ministry of Labor in coordination with the International Labour Organization (ILO), the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICE ...
Agriculture 15 Jan 2020
Investigator Jocelyn DeJong
Background Recent reports have suggested that child marriage among Syrians may be increasing as a result of displacement and conflict. This study sought to gather qualitative data about the factors t ...
Public Health 15 Jan 2020
In this project we aim to analyse formal and informal humanitarian responses coming from Global South's actors (Eg. communities, non-governmental organisations, governments, private initiatives, etc.) ...
Sociology & Anthropology 22 Oct 2018
Investigator Carmen Geha
The Arab region is in crisis and at the heart of this crisis has been the large-scale violence and unprecedented refugee crisis in Syria. Lebanon neighbors Syria and has had a precarious relationship ...
Political Science 27 Jun 2018
Investigator Nasser Yassin
"101 Facts & Figures on the Syrian Refugee Crisis" builds on the work that was commenced in spring 2017, to communicate through social media and other platforms key facts and figures on the Syrian ref ...
Public policy 19 Sep 2018
Investigator Ayham Dalal
This project looks at the social structuring of space in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world, Zaatari in Jordan. It examines these processes on two levels: macro and micro. On the macro scal ...
Architecture and design 22 Mar 2018
Investigator Ray Jureidini
.Analysis of various aspects of labor migration including recruitment
Sociology & Anthropology 1 Mar 2020