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Investigator Natasha Ridge
Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are often portrayed as providing both social benefits and financial returns. However, SIBs have yet to prove their ability to bring about effective, innovative, and long-las ...
Education 12 Dec 2018
Investigator منير بشور
التنقيب في اوضاع التعليم في البلدان العربية، والتعليم العالي بشكل خاص، للتعرف على اسباب التخلف وتلمح معالم النهوض القومي وشروطه.
Education 27 Feb 2018
Investigator Maha Shuayb
The CLS is researching the quality of education provided to Syrian and Palestinian children and the impact that hosting such large numbers is having on the quality of education for Lebanese children f ...
Education 28 May 2018