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An invitation to write an essay about personal and scientific experience in Athar blog

Greetings, The team of the Portal for Social Impact of Scientific Research in/on the Arab World (Athar) ( would like to invite you to write an essay about your personal, scientific and research experience in order to inform the community more on Arab researchers in different fields of research, and to establish the relationship between academic researchers and various social groups.

Last year, the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut (AUB) launched Athar Portal to develop a nexus between scientific research and public policy, to understand the complex relationship between research, university and society, and to bridge gaps among them. The portal has succeeded in attracting 2,000 research projects.

Many social groups do not know about scientific researchers, their achievements, their aspirations, their professional and scientific careers, and their passion to defend some social and life issues. Therefore, the publication of essays on the Athar blog aims to shed more light on researchers whose accomplishments remain under the radar, not informing society of their characteristics, achievements and challenges.

The team of Athar Portal wishes that you write an essay in a language of your preference (Arabic, French or English), with simple and clear wording, on your development as a researcher, your views on research challenges, scientific and social challenges, your own passions, and any other relevant issue you would want to share with others. The average length of the essay is about 750 words, but it can be longer. If you’re unable to write the essay, the Athar team can schedule an interview with you, write the essay based on that, and publish it. You can see what was published in the Athar blog.

The Athar Portal team highly appreciates your responsiveness and cooperation in vitalizing the project and strengthening the links between researchers, academics and various social groups in order to bridge this gap between the research world and public society, and to develop the interaction and cooperation between researchers and different groups, to create a better society.

Finally, we urge you to insert information about your project (or projects) if it is completed or has outputs (

With appreciation and respect.

Sari Hanafi Azzam Tomeh Malak Makki
Founder, Athar, Professor of Sociology, AUB Coordinator, Athar Consultant, Athar
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]