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رصدت هذه الدراسة جانبًا من الخطاب الإعلامي الأوروبي عن الحركة اللجوئية الحالية من المشرق باتجاه أوروبا، منطلقة من صورة اللاجئ العربي الشاب في مجلة دير شبيغل الألمانية بين عامي 2015 و2016، إضافة إلى نم ...
Media studies 24 Feb 2019
Investigator عزام طعمة
يسعى المشروع إلى تحديد معوقات التعليم التي يعاني منها اللاجئون السوريون في مخيمي شاتيلا وبرج البراجنة، والتي تحول دون دخولهم إلى المدارس. أحريت 45 مقابلة مع شبان غير ملتحقين بالمدارس و27 آخرين يتابعون ...
Education 28 Sep 2018
Investigator Carmen Geha
The Arab region is in crisis and at the heart of this crisis has been the large-scale violence and unprecedented refugee crisis in Syria. Lebanon neighbors Syria and has had a precarious relationship ...
Political Science 27 Jun 2018
Investigator Nasser Yassin
"101 Facts & Figures on the Syrian Refugee Crisis" builds on the work that was commenced in spring 2017, to communicate through social media and other platforms key facts and figures on the Syrian ref ...
Public policy 19 Sep 2018
Investigator ريان حداد
Readings of Middle East unrest based on the sectarian strife narrative do not provide strong heuristic guidance, as sectarian dynamics need to be politically contextualized, rather than considered as ...
Political Science 14 May 2018
Investigator ريان حداد
This article (published in Orient: German Journal for Politics, Economics and Culture of the Middle East) examines how the post-Mosul battle momentum has hastened the decision of Hezbollah and the Leb ...
Political Science 10 May 2018
Investigator Saleem Haddad
With an estimated 1.5 million Syrian refugees, Lebanon has the largest rate of refugees per capita in the world. Saferworld and the Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies (LCPS) researched dynamics betwee ...
Public policy 10 May 2018
Over 5 million refugees have sought safety across Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey from the on-going Syrian conflict, with local communities, civil society groups, established refugee communities, and faith ...
Geography 2 Mar 2018
Investigator Hala Abou Zaki
As part of the LAJEH project, I will work on Palestinian refugee’s families from Shatila camp who have been scattered across Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Gaza during the 1970s and the 1990s and mo ...
Sociology & Anthropology 28 May 2018
Investigator Maha Shuayb
The CLS is researching the quality of education provided to Syrian and Palestinian children and the impact that hosting such large numbers is having on the quality of education for Lebanese children f ...
Education 28 May 2018