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Investigator Sari Hanafi
This research project aims to clarify the relationship between power, sovereignty and space concerning the case of the Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East, by examining modes of governance in ...
Sociology & Anthropology 6 Mar 2018
Investigator Maha Shuayb
The CLS is researching the quality of education provided to Syrian and Palestinian children and the impact that hosting such large numbers is having on the quality of education for Lebanese children f ...
Education 28 May 2018
Investigator Kamel Dorai
The aim of LAJEH (refugee in Arabic) is to deepen knowledge on forced migration in the Middle East, analysing current refugee flows in their historical and regional contexts. Through a cross-disciplin ...
Geography 11 Jun 2019
Investigator Kawser Ahmed
Sociology & Anthropology 4 Jun 2018
Over 5 million refugees have sought safety across Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey from the on-going Syrian conflict, with local communities, civil society groups, established refugee communities, and faith ...
Geography 2 Mar 2018
Investigator Magid Shihade
Looks at the local, regional, and global implications of the creation of the Israeli settler colonial states through the lenses of mobility, ruptures, and connections.
Sociology & Anthropology 4 Mar 2018
Investigator Ray Jureidini
.Analysis of various aspects of labor migration including recruitment
Sociology & Anthropology 1 Mar 2020
ABSTRACT Electronic cigarettes (ECIGs) electrically heat and aerosolize a liquid-containing propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavorants, water, and nicotine. ECIG effects and proposed ...
Engineering and technology 23 Apr 2018
Investigator Ayham Dalal
This project looks at the social structuring of space in one of the biggest refugee camps in the world, Zaatari in Jordan. It examines these processes on two levels: macro and micro. On the macro scal ...
Architecture and design 22 Mar 2018
Investigator Ola Kubbara
In this era of globalization, there is increased pressure on universities to become more international in character. This research is about the internationalization of higher education at the Faculty ...
Political Science 29 Mar 2018